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Quality and sustainability, our highest priorities

FRIMA is committed to the production of high quality products that consistently meet or exceed our customer requirements, and to the elimination of all food safety hazards. Our meals and Snacks are produced and distributed in accordance with our Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) plan, incorporating all aspects of food safety consistent with Good Manufacturing Practices. FRIMA has also in place an overall Food Safety program, a Food Defense plan, and a Supplier Qualification Program.

We maintain the strictest hygiene standards and work in line with a certified quality management system. Our meals are tasted on a daily basis within the company. We are also examined regularly by the food regulation authorities FAVV.
Our meals and snacks are prepared and then immediately deep frozen at -40°C degrees. This quick freezing method means that the structures of the ingredients remain intact. Accordingly, the product taste is good as fresh. We do not use any chemical preservatives and this helps to keep the products fresh.We select raw materials to strict quality control tests on arrival and check them for impeccable quality. This control is done on each arrival. We select partners with their own quality control, complete documentation, and full traceability and certifications.

Our plants is routinely evaluated by third party auditors which includes, but is not limited to, CGS. ). Frima has all certificates: IFS, MSC, ACS, Organic and Halal.


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