Specialist in frozen snacks

Founded in 1987 and with real know-how in the manufacture of elaborated frozen products, FRIMA EUROPE offers a range of savory and sweet snacking products.

Our ranges of frozen snacks

A range of sweet and savory frozen snacks to meet new trends of food consumption.

  • Complete meals in individual portions presented in wooden trays, already pre-cooked.
  • 100% natural recipes, cooked like at home without added coloring, flavoring or preservatives.

Ready Meals

  • Complete meal consisting of a wheat pancake garnished with meat and fries, accompanied by a 1st sauce with spices and condiments, and a 2nd sauce with cream and 2 cheeses (Emmental and cheddar)

French Tacos

  • A healthy and gourmet offer, alternative to the consumption of crepes, pancakes, brioches, muffins…
  • Already pre-cooked for quick reheating

Sweet treats

Our customer commitments

Quality & Traceability

Made in Europe

Natural ingredients

The quality and traceability of products are guaranteed through rigorous certified industrial processes

France’s new favorite “sandwich” !

The French tacos is an one of a kind sandwich. Wrapped in a wheat flour tortilla, the meat and fries are mixed with a sauce of varying levels of spices and Frima’s unique creamy cheese sauce.

Folded in a rectangular packet, the French tacos can be grilled or heated as per convenience.

Know-how in the manufacture of elaborate frozen foods

FRIMAEUROPE designs, develops and markets an offer of original frozen snacks intended for customers in a hurry but attentive to eating well.

Does Frimaeurope manufacture private labels?

Yes, we can use our know-how to design or develop products that are specific to our distributor customers and that will be manufactured according to their specifications.

Why choose a frozen snacking offer?

By respecting the reheating instructions, your consumers will have quality products immediately available, with no loss or waste and an excellent quality/price ratio.

Where are our products made? Where do our main ingredients come from?

All our products are manufactured in European production facilities. All our main ingredients are from European agriculture

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