Sweet treats

The quick and gourmet pleasure

for toasting or reheating in the oven

Traditional Brussels Waffles

Already pre-baked with natural vanilla flavouring, for toasting or reheating in the oven

Food Service


Maxi waffles 80g

  • 24 units – 80 packages per pallet

Small waffles 40g

  • 48 units – 80 packages per pallet

RETAIL Packaging




Maxi waffles 80g

  • Retail box of 4x80g – package of 6 boxes – 80 packages per pallet

Mini waffles 40g

  • Retail box of 4x40g – package of 12 boxes – 80 packages per pallet

Toaster round waffles 30g

Round waffles already pre-cooked for toasting or reheating in the oven and available in 2 varieties: plain and chocolate chip

A healthy and tasty alternative to pancakes, buns and muffins…. to extend the traditional waffle’s usual consumption times:
At breakfast, plain or with honey, jam or butter
– For a snack, to eat on the spot or to take away with spread, jam
– As a dessert, ready to garnish


Logistic items
  • Food service : package of 72 round waffles -80 packages per pallet
  • Retail : retail of 8 round waffles – package of 9 boxes-80 packages per pallet

Delicacy of Lisboa (Pasteis de Nata) 

A thin and crispy puff pastry topped with a light egg cream, entirely natural, to eat warm or cold. To be reheated quickly in traditional oven



PASTEIS DE NATA red fruit 55g

Logistic items
Food service Packaging Retail
classic or red fruit : package of 72 pasteis-64 packages per pallet Box of 6 pasteis – package of 12 boxes -64 packages per pallet
Mini pasteis : package of 154 mini pasteis-64 packages per pallet Box of 11 mini pasteis- package of 16 boxes -64 packages per pallet


A question ?

Does Frimaeurope manufacture private labels?

Yes, we can use our know-how to design or develop products that are specific to our distributor customers and that will be manufactured according to their specifications.

Where are our products made? Where do our main ingredients come from?

All our products are manufactured in European production facilities. All our main ingredients are from European agriculture.

How are our products distributed?

After manufacturing, all our products are subjected to quick freezing and then stored at a minimum of -18°C. The frozen products are then distributed either from our centralised warehouse located in the Paris region or directly from the industrial site.
The products are delivered per full pallet.

What is the minimum shelf life of our products ?

Our frozen products have a minimum shelf life of 18 months when stored permanently at -18°C.

Why choose a frozen snacking offer?

By respecting the reheating instructions, your consumers will have quality products immediately available, with no loss or waste and an excellent quality/price ratio.

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