Ready meals

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0% added coloring, and 0% preservatives

The pleasure of serving fast and eating well.

Give your customers the pleasure of eating well with ready-to-eat meals served in attractive, easy-to-use packaging for different heating methods: microwave or oven!

Cooked meat

BEEF meat from France

Already cooked

Quick heating in the oven or microwave.

100% Clean label

cooked without coloring, added flavor or preservative.

Complete meal

complete meals in individual portions presented in wooden trays.

Meat recipes


Greek Moussaka 320g

The Real Greek recipe of MOUSSAKA with potatoes, grilled eggplants, bechamel sauce and 100% beef

Lasagna Bolognese 370g

The traditional Italian style recipe prepared with 3 layers of delicious fresh Lasagna pasta and 100% minced beef

Beef Parmentier 370g

A French traditional Sheperd’s pie cooked with minced beef and fresh mashed potatoes


Penne with chicken and creamy mushroom sauce 320g

One of the French favourite dish for a quick lunch : Penne prepared with cooked chicken fillet (19%) with a creamy mushroom sauce

Fish recipes

Bites of salmon and its risotto 310g

Bites of Salmo Salar salmon (20%) accompanied by a fresh cream risotto

Salmon pavé with risotto 320g

Risotto is a northern Italian rice dish cooked with broth until it reaches a creamy consistency. 

Fillet of sole and its risotto 310g

A fillet of sole (20%) accompanied by a risotto with fresh cream

Cod Brandade 320g

The traditional recipe from the Occitanie region of Southern France, cooked with fried potatoes, desalted boneless cod (35%) and extra virgin olive oil

Gourmet veggie recipes

Greek style eggplant (Melitzana) with rice

Half a grilled aubergine stuffed with tomatoes and onions, covered with a rich layer of Feta cheese and served with white rice


Lasagna Veggie 370g

The vegetarian recipe prepared with 3 layers of fresh Lasagna pasta, grilled Mediterranean vegetables and Parmesan cheese

Logistic items

  • Wooden trays individually packed in a foil
  • Nb units/case : 12
  • Nb units/pallet: 108 (9 layers x12)


A question ?

Does Frimaeurope manufacture private labels?

Yes, we can use our know-how to design or develop products that are specific to our distributor customers and that will be manufactured according to their specifications.

Where are our products made? Where do our main ingredients come from?

All our products are manufactured in European production facilities. All our main ingredients are from European agriculture.

How are our products distributed?

After manufacturing, all our products are subjected to quick freezing and then stored at a minimum of -18°C. The frozen products are then distributed either from our centralised warehouse located in the Paris region or directly from the industrial site.
The products are delivered per full pallet.

Les produits sont livrés par palette complète.

What is the minimum shelf life of our products ?

Our frozen products have a minimum shelf life of 18 months when stored permanently at -18°C.

Why choose a frozen snacking offer?

By respecting the reheating instructions, your consumers will have quality products immediately available, with no loss or waste and an excellent quality/price ratio.

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